Cosmic Whistleblowers (Documentary)

From Raindance Film Festival website:

“‘Cosmic Whistleblowers’ follows filmmaker Simon Sharman’s personal journey into the world of UFOs and government cover-ups. A self-confessed believer, Sharman gains access to the esoteric group of UFO hunters in the U.S., headed by Don Schmitt, and films interviews with a wide array of witnesses, ex-military personnel and others connected to the Roswell case. Truth and evidence are twisted by both sides of the debate in this intrepid documentary. On the one hand, the ‘ufologist’ conjectures and years of scouring the New Mexico desert for metal fragments (without much success) come across as well-meaning, but misguided. On the other, Sharman presents damning evidence of government cover-ups and misdeeds that is not hard to believe in the light of more recent scandals. Perhaps the wisest line in the film is spoken by NASA historian and astrophysicist Steven J. Dick, paraphrasing Carl Sagan: “Keep an open mind, as long as your brains don’t fall out”.”



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